About Us

Saving the world. Virtually. Well, maybe we exaggerate. But as administrative consultants, we’re on the front lines of the revolution that is virtual business.

~Jennifer and David Lanham, Professional Administrative Consultants



Jennifer Lanham

Fascinating Fact:

Jennifer achieved EMT-Advanced certification before realizing that she didn’t want to be a paramedic — but she’s still got the skills to stop the bleeding for any company.


Best part about being a Administrative Support Consultant?

“No two days are ever the same!”


David Lanham

Super Powers Snapshot:

When at Sony Pictures, managed to pull the strings and process the paperwork to get a certain Canadian actor into the United States on time for a movie shoot. Oh yeah, and it was a holiday weekend when no one was working. Anywhere.


Prediction about the Admin Support Industry:

“More companies will go this way — with the technology we have, I predict that Administrative Support services will improve productivity in really amazing ways.”





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